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  1. 21/06/15 / 23:23

    I’ve heard of Ingot before but I didn’t realize it was a Polish brand. The history of it, and passion that went into it, sound just fascinating – thanks for sharing this!

  2. 22/06/15 / 14:48

    I love this! The brand looks amazing and being part Polish myself Im a huge supporter of other breaking into the cosmetics market. Thanks for sharing, Ill check them out! xx

  3. Kika
    09/07/15 / 22:56

    Great post, as always! and happy to be a source of inspiration 🙂
    keep up the good work, also – love the new-ish blog layout!

    • admin
      11/07/15 / 12:31

      Thank you Kika! You were indeed our inspiration for this post! 🙂 xx

  4. Monika
    10/08/15 / 10:21

    thank you for sharing, i have looked at inglot website and im very tempted. good blog!

    • admin
      10/08/15 / 21:15

      Thank you Monika!xx Ana

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