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  1. chloe
    31/03/16 / 17:54

    great post. how long did it take for the swelling to go down completly in the face after aqualyx?? thank you so much for sharing and taking your time 🙂 your blog is great!! /chloe

    • Ana
      31/03/16 / 20:40

      Thank you Chloe! The swelling went down completely after about 5 days but for the first 3 I was so swollen I wasn’t able to leave the house. But I liked the results so I had it done on my bingo wings, too 🙂 Ana xx

      • chloe
        01/04/16 / 09:37

        thanks ana! i’ve done it and I’m a bit worried but i look forward to the result! let me know if you have any advance!

        • Ana
          01/04/16 / 19:10

          Yes, the swelling may look a bit scary at the beginning but it will go down soon. You should see some improvements straight away but please don’t panic if it’s not great at first. For me to see real results tok about 2 weeks after the swelling went down. I woke up and suddenly I had a clean jaw line without double chin and jowls. I’m now looking to get rid of my saddle bags this way 🙂 Please let me now how you got on! xx

      • Tina Galloway-Grindlay
        26/02/17 / 12:53

        Hi, this article is so helpful thank you. Did you have more than one treatment on your chin area? I’ve had one treatment (yesterday) & I’m hoping that I don’t need another.

        • Ana
          26/02/17 / 18:07

          Hi Tina. I only had one treatment (on my chin area- I’ve had t also on my arms, stomach and saddlebags :)) and this was a few years ago. The results were great but not immediate. It took a few weeks to see real results. The doctor recommended a course of few but I only had one because I was very very swollen. I still worked A LOT. Also, this was the only treatment that got rid of a stubborn roll on my stomach, which I’ve had for over a decade. I hope it works for you, too! xx

          • Tina
            02/03/17 / 09:22

            Brilliant news!

            For me, the chin/Neck swelling & bruising isn’t too bad so I would have another treatment, I’d just rather not! So fingers crossed I’ll see some results over the next few weeks.

            Thanks Ana 🙂

  2. Aqsa
    09/04/17 / 13:54

    Hi, I was just wondering if you could tell me which doctor this is? Iv been looking and looking for one but I’m not sure which clinic or doctor to trust. Thank youu

    • Ana
      14/04/17 / 18:22

      Hi Aqsa! I went to Clinic Be and was treated by Dr Barbara Kubacka. They are just off Sloane Square. I hope the helps! xx

  3. Aqsa
    09/04/17 / 14:03

    Hi, which doctor was this?

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