Most of us have hosted a house party at least once in our lives. Personally I love having “Living Room Discos”, as they tend to be called among my friends, once in a while. They are something a bit different from going to pub or club again and are cheaper, plus no one has to worry about the place closing when you’re having a great time.  House parties also give me an opportunity to dress up and to show off my skills in cooking and cocktail mixing.

Zest up your party-1-3

Anyone who has organised or been at a few house parties will know that particular moment during the evening when the there is a lull and the party goes down on mood. Conversations get quieter, the dance floor empties and all our guests are standing in small groups – usually outside in the garden with the smokers.

Zest up your party-1-2

So here is an ultimate party booster: the mighty FROZEN MARGARITA.

Don’t serve it too early in the evening, save it for that moment when you need to lift the party mood back up. It’s very simple to make and absolutely gorgeous.

You will need:

1 shot* of tequila per person

1 shot of Cointreau (you can use Triple Sec but it’s not the same)

2 shots of Lime juice



The quantities are not set; you can add more or less of each ingredient to taste. I usually use the same amount of each per cocktail.

How to make it? Very easy: put the ice into the blender, about half full, and add spirits and juice, whizz it up and serve in martini or whisky glasses with a wedge of lime, and sugar or salt on the rim of the glass for decoration.


*1 Shot = 25mi or 50ml for the braveZest up your party-1-4