Sometimes I think we don’t chose our clothes. They choose us. Because how can I explain all those times when a pair of pants or a top just jumps into my hands shouting “please, rescue me from oblivion”! And of course I politely oblige, especially if it’s a pair of leather pants or a cashmere jumper that needs rescuing. Or both.

I try not to be monothematic when it comes to my clothes but having scrolled through our Instagram account (@champagnegirlsabouttown) the other day, I saw myself wearing a grey cashmere top. ON. ALMOST. EVERY. PHOTO. I wasn’t sure whether to be horrified or what? I decided on being horrified because the “what” required a bit more mental exercise.

signature style

Signature style


signature style

signature style

signature style

signature style


signature style


dior sunglasses -1-27

But then it dawned on me- my signature style has found itself. In the jungle of fashion trends and personal styles, Pinterest and Instagram inspiration, it marched right up to my closet, uncompromising and deaf to any voice of fashion reason. The lazy girl in me rejoiced.

Perhaps it is the key to finding your own style, that innate feeling that only certain clothes will do, only in them we will feel like, well, us. I’m happy to try any trend that comes my way, but my default position is a grey cashmere top and leather trousers. My armor. Clothes that define me.

Those are the only clothes I regret not buying on occasions like that pair of a motorcycle leather St Lauren pants I saw at Bicester Village, which had me calling the shop frantically a few days later to check if they were still there (sadly, they were gone). I mourn those that got away. Because when everything is said and done, fashion wise, my inner cool girl will still be there, wearing a pair leather trousers and a grey top, rummaging in her battered Chanel 2.55.

On Sunday my girlfriends and I went to The Berkeley hotel for a high tea. The dress code was smart casual and having tried a number of outfits, I found myself reaching for my trusted grey jumper. It turned out to be a wonderfully plain canvas for my 70’s style skirt and over the knee snakeskin effect boots that can be OTT at times if paired with anything remotely flashy. I felt good. Effortless. Myself.

I’m wearing: 

Coat by Jadzia Doroba

Jumper- Uniqlo 

Skirt & boots- Topshop 

Bag- Chloe

Sunglasses- Dior 

Bracelets- Tiffany, Kruk 

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