It amazes me how many of you read daily my posts about dating and marrying a Frenchman. Does it mean that we place some sort of premium on being of French origins? Or is it because you are simply curious about the likes of Martineeeez, Ulieeel (apologies for my bad French accent here :).

In any case, you seem to like both posts and since there’s plenty more where that came from, I thought today we will talk about what French boys are really like. Consider yourself warned!

  1. Hot or not?

There’s a myth going round that Frenchmen are some hot specimen and certainly what(or rather who) you see in popular culture seem to confirm it. But for every blue eyed, square jaw Gaspar Ulliel lookalike, there’s a disheveled, often skiny bloke with not much muscle tone and irregular features. Perhaps you wouldn’t look at him twice on the street.

But he kind of grows on you, slowly, without you noticing. The conversations you are having are great and he’s sweet and funny and confident, and kind of vulnerable, too. He’s not your type and you are seeing someone so you feel safe spendimg time with him. Until one day you catch yourself thinking how come you didn’t notice his cheekbones before? Or the way his hair always looks like he’d just rolled out of bed? Or the way he wears his clothes as if he doesn’t need or want to try all that hard? Why can’t you stop thinking about him all the time?!

paris -5346

2.  Not your average Alpha male.

If testosterone fueled, gym honed, knuckle dragging (kidding) Alpha guy is usually your your thing, an androgynous boy with slender body, killer cheekbones and aversion to show off cars can be a shock to the system.

But just like with his looks, his quiet charisma catches you unaware. He is confident, intelligent, a little sarcastic- a killer combination that makes you fall in love with him over and over again.

paris -7998

3.  Famous French lover?

It makes me cringe whenever I hear “seduction” and “French lover” thrown together in one sentence. But one thing for sure- French boys are fun and curious and devoided of issues and hang ups that plague their not so distant neighbours.  Their laid back attitude makes everything fun.

Have you dated a Frenchman? We’d love to hear from you!

Photos by @behindtheseventhdoor


  1. Sunday March 12th, 2017 / 08:00 AM

    I dated with one french man. He was nice and handsome.

  2. Thursday December 7th, 2017 / 06:29 PM

    I dated a French guy once – and it was definitely the first scenario of your post. Totally not my usual type, but I think it was the accent that got me!

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