Recently I had the great honour and pleasure to attend my friends’ amazing wedding. I can say with absolute conviction that it was the best, most unique and charming wedding party I’ve ever been to. Thank you S&N!

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The theme was “music festival” and the party, called a “Wed-fest,” was held in a field. We all got yellow wrist bands on arrival with a picture of festival tents and the date of the party.

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The dress code was music festival too. There were no cocktail dresses or suits – even high heels were bannedJ. Despite that the guests made great efforts to look lovely, and came wearing beautiful summer clothes: colourful shirts with shorts, and boho style dresses, with flowers and feathers in their hair and hats and glitter and painted faces; effortlessly chiming with the venue – a Sussex meadow transformed into a fairytale 1960s hippy festival.

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Everything was great: the multicolour festive tent sets for the stage and bars, the bales of straw covered with pretty fabrics, the hand made wooden benches, with all the fabulous decorations made from wild flowers with yellow ribbons dotted around, the delicious food (the best hog roast I ever had), the music (six bands played!) and the magnificent view of rolling hills. You should have seen the sunset!

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What a stress-free party! No formalities, no speeches, no place cards, no rehearsals! Kids and dogs were running around playing Frisbee, someone was playing DIY bowling, others were hula-hooping, dancing or relaxing on the grass chatting, eating and drinking. There were even soap bubbles in floating in the air!

Wedfest 0608 (1 of 1)-12 wedding

In the evening the lights come on: strings of fairy lights, colourful stage illumination and the bonfires, with flames that someone turned blue and green, making the place absolutely magical. We even got marshmallows to toast in the fire J. Delicious, I had forgotten how yummy they are.

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It was fabulous wedding, organised to perfection and thought through to the last detail (including rolled-up blankets that anyone could help themselves to in case it got a bit chilly). It all created a charming, hassle-free atmosphere of countryside festival without losing the feel of a wedding. Absolutely fabulous idea, more weddings like that please!



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