I’ve lost my shopping mojo and it’s not a joke. With Summer technically just around the corner (someone please asks Summer to stop running on Parisian time), I still have a small issue of appropriate wardrobe to sort out.

Normally, I would plan my seasonal wardrobe like a military operation with emphasis on planning and execution. Yet this year I’ve steered clear of Oxford Circus, Net-a-Porter is no longer in my browser history and even my beloved Selfridges has temporarily lost it’s allure (oh, OK but it was only for research purposes and I kept my wallet zipped up in my bag).

sustainable fashion

sustainable fashion

sustainable fashion

sustainable fashion

The thing is- as much as I love fashion, insatiable consumers’ appetite (me including) scare me. I’m sure you are aware of the conversation about sustainable fashion which has been going on all over the web. With fashion industry being the second biggest polluter in the world, aren’t you asking yourself- where are we all going? I know I am. And I worry that at the moment we are on the road to nowhere.

With pre-collections, cruise collections, S/S, A/W, fashion merry-go-around revolves quicker and quicker each season. And I’m getting off. Sure, that doesn’t mean I’m done with fashion. Not at all! But I’m going to become more friendly with vintage shops and my own closet. Via Instagram I came across a US company Reformation (https://www.thereformation.com) a sustainable fashion label making beautiful timeless clothing. I salivate over 90% of their dresses. I love what they stand for and the information they give on their website. I wish more labels sat up and took notice.

And we can change things together. If we all start demanding sustainable fashion, companies will have to listen to us. They will have no choice.

I’m wearing:

Jacket- Isabel Marant

Silk dress- vintage

Cowboy boots- vintage

Jewelry- Tiffany, Kruk

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