I’m so happy because truly hot summer weather has begun. It makes such difference to me. My spirits are soaring high up to the sky to welcome the sun’s warmth. People might complain that it’s too hot but I would have this kind of weather every day the whole year round. It makes me so happy!

Vinum Chenin Blanc

I managed to take advantage of the glorious weekend and escaped from London. We went to Sussex and spent a couple of days at the seaside. Such bliss! Best of all were the warm evenings – my favourite part of a summer’s day – when we went for long strolls along the beach enjoying the sunsets. I even got a natural tan – something bordering on the impossible in this country! It’s so surprising that just two days of hot sunny weather outside London can make so much impact on a person’s well being but it does! It feels almost like a mini holiday!

Vinum Chenin Blanc

Wine of the week

Speaking of holidays and hot countries makes me crave some ‘sunny’ wine. By coincidence, I attended a few tastings during the last couple of weeks and one such wine from South Africa stuck in my mind. It’s Vinum Chenin Blanc from The Vinery of Good Hope. I have known this vineyard for years as they are responsible for such iconic names as the Radford Dale ‘Gravity’. This Chenin is totally underrated, which is a shame because it’s just wonderful, as are all of their wines. White flowers, citrus and touches of sweet spice from oak but with fresh acidity and vibrant fruity aromas, all beautifully balanced and complementing each other, creating a harmonious composition. It’s a serious wine, complex and elegant, that could easily be sold for a premium price but lucky for us, it isn’t.

Vinum Chenin Blanc



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