The wearing of scent or perfume is a strange thing. Everyone has their own uniquely personal approach to perfume and their own subjective opinion about it. Show the same blend of perfume to four different people and you will get four different verdicts, ranging from disgust to love. From observation of my own friends I can point out a few different attitudes to perfume:

@ those who can’t stand any scent on their skin and even worse, tend to terrorise their partners into not wearing any

@ those who have one bottle of perfume, usually a gift from someone around a decade ago, and they use it only on special occasions

@ the “multi perfume people” or as I prefer to call them, the perfume collectors. These people have a vast collection of perfume, different scents for different days or moods, and they are always on the lookout for a new one.

@ There are also those who usually have one, or maximum two, bottles at the same time. They are obsessed with the scent for a time (usually not for too long because they tend to abuse them spraying themselves every two minutes until the bottle runs out) but will be bored with it quite quickly and move one to their next obsession

@ and there are people like me who have one scent for years or decades, faithfully staying with the same brand.

As someone who was born with a really good sense of smell – it was one of the reasons I decided to work with wines – and a very well trained nose due to my profession, I’m extremely picky when it comes to perfume. It takes me a long time and plenty of trying to find a scent I like. I usually don’t mind it in the bottle but I hate how most perfumes develop on my skin. Quite often the perfumes make me gag because they are “too much” or they are drying to boring, uninteresting flavours.


So when I find something that suits me I’ll stay with it for a long time. I can count all scents I have worn since I was teenager, and they are so few… usually there are only two reasons that make me go looking for a new brand: one is when my skin’s PH changes and the perfume I’m using starts to smell bad on me, or they stop making it and I can’t get it any more. Last time when the latter happened I sent my husband on a mission to get every available bottle he could get online from American retailers to stock up. He managed three 50ml bottles, just enough time for me to find a new one.

And that is how I discovered my beloved Tom Ford White Patchouli, the perfume I’ve been using for the last four or five years. It took forever to find a new one, rejecting, “almost there but no…”, asking around and trying again. Some were too sweet and others too strong, too flowery or, as in the case of ‘Body’ by Burberry which I almost bought, the shape and size of the bottle was just too big and impractical – I’m buying the perfume I’ll have for years so the shape of the bottle has to be considered as well.

What I love about Tom Ford’s White Patchouli is the delicate and slightly decadent blend of white flowers (jasmine and peony) with white patchouli and rose with spices, incense, fresh savoury herbs (coriander, ambrette and bergamot seeds) and some sandalwood – instead of candy, sweet spice and musk as it is traditionally made, a combination which for me is far too strong and cloying. What I love in Tom Ford is the gentleness of soft, slightly dream-like floral scents with a freshness and touch of spicy masculinity, a bit of savoury and bitter wildness and a touch of seduction from incense.



  1. Thursday September 10th, 2015 / 04:10 PM

    Interesting. I’ll have to go into a store to smell it. I was one of those people who was weirdly averse to perfumes! I had this whole thing about not wanting to smell like other people so for the longest time I never wore scents. But lately, I’ve been getting back into it. I loved the new Chloe scene so that’s now on my dresser and Prada Candy was good too. I tried Tom Ford’s other scene (the one in the black bottle) and it was just so musky for me. But the bottle is GORGEOUS!


    COFFEESLAG Chloe-esque White Dress

  2. Saturday September 12th, 2015 / 02:53 AM

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