All I want for Christmas is …

Or in my case it should go more like this: “all I MUST HAVE for Christmas are…” Ok, Ok ! I know I shouldn’t be so materialistic and Christmas is NOT all about the presents, but come on? Can anyone honestly tell me that they haven’t got a secret Christmas wish list? I’m sure there aren’t many, because Christmas, besides other things (much more important most of them) actually is about presents and dreams come true – even those a little trivial and a tiny bit selfish.

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So go on, use that comment box below and share with me your secret wish lists. It would be lovely to hear what you are quietly dreaming about.

My wish list is really long but of course I can’t have everything: starting from a hover board and finishing with a house in Chelsea; but I can hope for some other, less extravagant items.

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So here is a “must have” list:

A bottle of artisan gin, really good rum and Pedro Ximeness sherry.

Why those things and not, let’s say, a bottle of a fine Burgundian Pinot Noir or Champagne? Well, because gin, rum and sherry are very fashionable at the moment, and that results in creativity and the wide availability of a multitude of varieties and brands, as new and old producers vie with each other to launch yet another product to win the battle for consumers.

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The only winners of this battle are us! We have a great choice of new products, mostly of a higher quality than those available over the last couple of decades.

Below are just suggestions which at the moment are my favourites of the kind, but I highly recommend that you try some others too.

They can make an amazing presents.


Brockman’s Intensely Smooth Gin

Let’s start with the presentation. Just look at it! Such a beautiful, simple and elegant black bottle, and what is inside is truly incredible. When you open the bottle a real surprise is waiting for you. Take a sniff and WHOA! All you can smell are berries and flowers: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and a touch of hibiscus and citrus. Very lovely and inviting, you just want to try it. But don’t be misled by the sweet berry smell, it’s not a liqueur but serious dry gin. On the palate it’s dry as good gin should be, starting out with notes of gingerbread and angelica – which makes Brockman’s stand out among the other gins – and then evolving into a more traditional gin flavours, bright with citrus and coriander toped up with delicate notes of blackberry and lemon cake. This is great to drink on the rocks or with tonic. Absolutely fabulous!

Noe 30-Year-Old Pedro Ximenez Gonzalez Byass 37.5cl
Pedro Ximenes sherry wine is on this season. Noe is a gorgeous sweet sherry, enriched by the age-old “soleo” sun-drying method and matured for 30 years in oak which gives it a lovely ebony colour and amazing flavours of plum, raisins, figs and touch of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Smooth, silky and sticky. This is Christmas in a glass!

Gold Medal 2000, Gold International Wine Challenge.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum

One of the best rums I’ve tried. This comes from Venezuela and it’s made of cane molasses and then aged for 12 years in oak, hence the beautiful dark amber colour. It’s rich, smooth and fruity just as I like my aged rums, with intense aromas of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and other Christmas spices. Surprising amount of sweetness on the palate gives the feel of drinking a fine liqueur rather than 40% proof rum.

At the moment this is my favourite rum on Earth.

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