“Funny that- said Trisha’s husband to me- for a long time now I haven’t actually seen you bringing any clothes into the house yet once in a while a few black bags are being taken out” (Trish and I used to live together for many years before we parted ways to move round the corner from each other). We were talking about different shopping habits and the best shopping companion. By general consensus this award went to THE WOMAN WHO SHOPS ALONE.

If you think it’s a contradiction, think again. TWWSA as I will call her is your perfect shopping companion and advisor precisely because she shops alone for herself. So when she comes shopping with you FOR you, she won’t leave you to fend for yourself in the middle of Topshop and wander off looking for “a top that goes perfectly with my stripy skirt”. On the contrary, she will give you her undivided attention (and she will do it with pleasure).

How do you know if your friend is a TWWSA? You may think you know your bestie but beware- TWWSA often works undercover because she doesn’t want to be suspected of shopoholism. Here’re a few signs how to spot her:

@ She never asks you to go shopping with her yet there are new items appearing regularly in her closet. But…

@ She hardly ever tells you about new purchases (unless she is really, REALLY excited about them). New additions are quietly incorporated into her wardrobe, never to be talked about (unless you ask).

@ You say you want to buy a new top and she will run thought her mental lists of what’s currently in the shops to pinpoint a precise location of your potential purchase. She would have visited the shops of course during her lonely prowl through an urban jungle.

@ Both of you are busy yet she seems to be turning up in something new every week when you can hardly schedule a shopping trip every six month. You wander how she does it- after all even online shopping requires time to shift through tons of merchandise. What she doesn’t tell you (or anybody for that matter) that the best online shopping is done whilst in the loo. She’s became really adept at it. Don’t tell her I gave away her secret.

What are your shopping habits? Do you shop with your girlfriends or do you prefer shopping in your own?

I’m wearing:


Skirt- Topshop

Bag- Gucci

Heels- Prima Moda

Sunglasses- Dior

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