I thought my distressed denim I was rocking last year would quietly get forgotten but it seems that’s not the case. Yet again the street has shown the fashion industry what they can do with their ideas. Flares may be catching on but we are not ready to relinquish out ripped denim yet.

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What is it about our ripped skinnies that we keep pulling them out again and again? I guess for me they convey certain nonchalance, almost carelessness. One of my favourite combinations is a white shirt and a blazer and my distressed jeans protect me from looking overdone. I also love to wear them with a slightly oversized black cashmere jumper with rolled up sleeves and statement heels.

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I’ve resisted double denim for long time for fear of THAT Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake connotation. Yes, I know that you know what I’m talking about. That was a particularly bad take on DD which haunts me in my fashion dreams. But I’ve spied Anja Rubik several times sporting double denim and I loved her interpretation of it. From ripped white denim and navy blazer to denim shirt and shorts in a similar wash, she always manages to look fabulous (those super long legs definitely help).

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Her photos made me realise that not only it’s ok to wear double denim (type into Google “is double denim ok” and you will get 315,000 results) but that there are no rule when it comes to wearing it. It basically boils down to what suits you and your individual twist on the trend.

On the first warm Sunday Trish and I walked on the London South Bank. It’s one of my favourite places in London, especially in dusky twilight. One of the spots I love on the embankment is an Italian restaurant, Strada. Yes, it’s a chain which means decent food and fantastic service but try to book a table upstairs by the window. With the River Thames and City stretching before you eyes you will feel like one of the luckiest people on Earth. The view is simply breathtaking.


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On that day I dipped my toe in a double denim trend and Ioved it so much I will definitely be rocking it for months to come. I dressed my denims up with heels from Isabel Marant and black tux from Burberry. Instead of a belt I wore Salvadore Ferragamo scarf, which was a gift from my sister.

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Trish chose a back shirt dress and added warm accents like burned orange leather jacket and straw bag. I love her fringe belt- a nod towards current trend, it was swinging beautifully every step she took. It made me covet a fringe dress- I think it could be quite spectacular in motion.

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That day we saw two other girls having photos taken for- I’m guessing- a fashion blog. There were others taking photos of us being photographed. It was really rather fun- people were just getting involved one way or another, there were smiling, taking photos. I guess that’s London for you. Everyone is included.

Trish is wearing: 

Shoes- Prada (vintage) 

Jacket- custom made 

Clutch- handmade from straw in Brasil by a company which makes panama hats

Belt- vintage 

Sunglasses- Aurora 

I’m wearing: 

Shirt- Zara

Denim- Ralph Lauren (vintage) 

Tux- Burberry 

Shoes- Isabel Marant 

Scarf worn as belt- Salvadore Ferragamo


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