There aren’t many things in my wardrobe that The French hates more than this leopard print coat (maybe my Isabel Marant military jacket. Maybe). “Oh but darling- I said- you’ve never even seen me wearing this coat without irony. Wait until your office Christmas party…”.

I made him believe I’m going to rock up all booby (courtesy of VS bra), in  a tight, off the shoulders dress, sky high stilettos and this coat thrown over my shoulders. Sophia Loren style, no less.  I could see his eyes like saucers. Ah, yes, he’s probably better equipped to handle French type of glamour.

The thing is, I used to wear it this way when I got it, maybe a decade ago. In fact, this coat is so versatile that it handled Italian style glamour and Kate Moss school of rock  chic. These days it’s about London kind of laid back way. But who knows, I may revert to full on glamour. That Victoria Secret bra is still lurking in the depths of my closet.

leopard print coat

leopard print coat

leopard print coat

leopard print coat



I’m wearing:

Coat- old 

Jeans- Levis 

Sweatshirt-Rotten Roach 

Shoes- Gucci 

Bag- celine 


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