In Jamaica- told me a stylish friend with whom I discussed clothes in the context of London geography- if someones’s a Big Shot, you’ll know it. Here, you can sit on the tube next to a neurosurgeon and you’d be non the wiser”. I agreed. In Poland- I carried on in the same spirit, you are expected to show off if you are a big shot. The society expects you to drive around in an expensive car. It’s a measure of your success”. The said friend is a property mogul. She commutes to work on a tube. You’ll easily recognise her. She wears a black suit.

How to layer

How to layer

How to layer

How to layer

Politely unassuming, we ride on a tube every morning, all Londoners together, a sea of black suits marching out of London Bridge station. Did I just spill my coffee down your jacket, Mr Neurosurgeon? Sorry, I was busy checking out that guy to your left, human rights lawyer. How did I recognise him? It was simple. He was wearing a black suit.

Contrary to popular belief, a suit tops up the charts of work appropriate wear every time (who knew?). And London variety of it! Look at the suit and perhaps you can guess the man behind it. I often play “spot the cop” game but I’m also adept at spotting lawyers and estate agents.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, and ill fitted suits down here. London is, after all, a capital of cool. Go ahead,  jazz up your suit with braces and a bow tie (heritage hipsters must have been looking up to British excentrics) or silk slip (my personal favourite). Just don’t be surprised if you’re taken for a human rights lawyer on the tube.

I’m wearing: 

Jacket- Joseph 

Trousers- DVF

Silk slip- Intimissini 

Clutch- Anya Hindmarch 

Heels- Jimmy Choo

Sunnies- Dior 


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