…is that we didn’t give up. I never thought I would be quoting JZ but there we are…If there was one word of advice I could give my younger self, it would be this. In other words-persevere.

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I’m writing this because a while ago I came across a blog post whose author talked at length about the importance of of recognising that dreams seldom come true. It would be better, she said, not to delude ourselves that we can achieve whatever we want but to stand firmly on the ground. It was a depressing read. I’m glad no one told me this ten years ago when I was just staring on my journey. I was reminded of that post when my dreams came true.





I’m not going to talk about whether it’s right or not for just about anyone to give advice on the Internet (and I include myself here!). What I wanted to say is that perseverance is really one of the best things a girl can do.  I wanted to give up many times. I doubted my abilities and my skills. I doubted whether I can really overcome so many barriers that were on my way.  For starters, English is not my first language. The profession I chose used to be so male dominated that a woman, an immigrant at that would really come up against the glass celling. It is changing slowly but there is still only a handful of women in my profession who own their firms.


Many times I thought I was not up to the job. Only later I realised that it was true what people say, that talent is only 10% of success. The remaining 90% is an art of putting one’s ass on the chair. In other words- graft above everything. Now I also know that experience plays a huge role in our success.


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I once joked that I’m like a blind horse- I don’t see any hurdles. The person I told this joke to was horrified. He didn’t understand what was funny about it. I still think its funny and accurate, too.  I see the hurdles as something to overcome, not to fall over. I hope you do, too. So all of you who are just beginning their careers, study, struggling to get your foot in the door- stay strong. One day it will happen to you.

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Today I’m once again channeling 70’s but in a modern, more polished way. I’m wearing fringe skirt and my old tan leather jacket. I recently bought this Chloe bag having coveted the larger version for a while. I thought that I would struggle to pack my daily essentials but it turns out I don’t really need much- a lipstick and a wallet is enough (kitchen sink was this time left at home this time :))



I’m wearing: 

Shoes: Isabel Marant 

Bag: Chloe 

Skirt & jacket: custom made 

T-shirt- Zoe Karssen 


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