So 2016 is coming to and end. In just over a week we will start a new chapter with new hopes and dreams, and perhaps some new year resolutions.

Do you feel relieved 2016 is almost over? This has been the most unsettling year I remember. I was born during a huge political upheaval in Poland and was very little when Poles begun to shake foundations of Communism regime. I don’t remember any of it. Yet, whatever happened during that decade in Poland must have felt like a struggle for the greater good and with a beautiful goal in mind. This year I felt as if we are in some crazy fairly tale when the dark side is winning and there is little hope for the future.






Still, I’ve always been a huge optimist and a big believer in humanity. I always thought we are going in a right direction. So my hope for the new year is that it will belong to us, the people. That we’ll unite and together we’ll make sure that the light prevails.

What about you? What are you hopes and dreams for 2017? Where do you want to be, personally and professionally, when 2017 draws to an end?

I’m wearing:

Coat- vintage

Trousers- Zara

Shoes- &Other Stories

Bag- Sashenka


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