Throughout the last two weeks I have been looking for inspiration for a cocktail for Halloween and came across the Dram Stoker cocktail based on Bourbon and invented by a whiskey specialist, Dominic Tait. I liked the name – an obvious play on Bram Stoker, the father of Victorian horror and creator of the modern vampire image of a monster – but with a soul.

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The picture and the ingredients sounded equally good, promising a modern twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail, which BTW I do like a lot.   So I decided to go ahead and try it for myself. The recipe requires 50ml Bourbon whiskey. I went for Crown Royal a very decent Canadian blended Bourbon because there is some maple syrup in this cocktail too, and I thought that the two Canadian flavours would nicely complement each other.

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The final effect of my experiment – also tested on Ana – turn out to be a delicious, Bourbon whiskey based cocktail, gently spicy and moderately sweet, elegant, with autumn notes of maple syrup and apple. It has a beautiful golden colour with a vivid mysterious red glowing from the base. Perfect for the Halloween or just as an after dinner autumn/winter cocktail.

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So here it is: the Dram Stoker Halloween  – tried and tasted and actually loved very much.

50ml Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

25ml Apple Schnapps

15ml Canadian Maple Syrup

15ml Lemon Juice

1 Egg white

2 tsp maraschino syrup (from maraschino cherry jar)

Shaken over ice, double strain and serve in a champagne coupe.

Garnish with apple and a maraschino cherry on top (plus a cherry with syrup dropped to bottom of glass).

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