One day some two weeks ago I got z text message from a friend. “You’ve got to try that face gym at Selfridges, it’s simply fabulous”. I immediately knew what she meant. As someone who feels about Selfridges the same way cetrain Miss Golightly had felt about Tiffany, I know exactly what happens at the store. I knew about Face Gym recent launch as soon as a photo had landed on my Instagram feed.

I see my friend over a week after her session and her skin looks fabulous. She’s positively glowing and she isn’t wearing a scrap of make up. I call up the store to book an appointment .

An avid massages fan, I’ll try anything- full body, Thai, Swedish, foot. Face Gym however promised to be not an ordinary one.

It promises to whip your face into shape, tone and lift your muscles and define your jaw and cheekbones. Sounds too good to be true? As a regular “face yoga method” user and loving the results, I’m excited at the idea that this time someone else will do the excercise for me.

I quickly forget that the session is taking place on the shop floor. Granted it’s at the back of the store but nevertheless. However,  after a few minutes I relax and drift off, not in an embarrassing, drooling over myself way (that happens to me often at the beauty salon) but in a relaxed, enjoyable way. I decided on an enhanced version completed with electric roller which is supposed to further tone up the muscles and a snazzy serum to finish off.
Afterwards the therapist hands me the mirrorr and I almost squeak with delight. I can see my cheekbones! My lower face looks tightened and I feel relaxed. I leave feeling and looking a few years younger. Like with everything, regular sessions deliver the best results but with no downtime and immediate results, it’s a wonderful gift to yourself before a big event.
As for me, I’m already tempted to go back…


This is not a sponsored post. 


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