Do you remember that a few years ago it was not a done thing to wear white jeans? It was on par with white stilettos and we all know what land white stilettos used to belong to.

Not any more! White is now THE colour of this season and the season to come. So says Britsh Vogue.




I’ve been a fan of white denim ever since Emmanuelle Alt told the fashion world about her white Topshop Baxter jeans. I wanted Baxter jeans too! I wore mine until they literally fell apart and now, that they have been discontinued, I have hard time to find an affordable pair.

I say affordable because there’s a lot of expensive denim around but somehow I still have a mental block on buying denim, which costs over £100. Vetements? Forger it. I will just about stretch to a pair of Levis.

The pair you see on the photo is from All Saints. It was the best pair I could find on the market for the price and I like the motocross details (Chloe says that motocross trend is going to be huge next season). What I don’t like and I found that with many other brands, too is that the denim is really soft. I liked the stifness of Baxter jeans. Over the years denim just got softer and softer, almost like leggins, which I don’t like and don’t wear.

My today’s combo of white and camel is an absolute classic. The champion of this pairing is Ralph Lauren, whose clothes in camel and white with a splash of navy feature A LOT in his ad campaigns and on his Instagram feed.

These colours seem to be made for each other and with gold accents here and there, they can look a dream.  Every time when I wear this outfit I feel elegant and put together, yet not at all stiff or formal. For winter I’m dreaming of Ralph Lauren’s soft nappa leather trousers in camel, which I would pair with cream silk shirt and my navy trench. Alas, until I win a lottery one day, they will probably remain a dream 🙂


I’m wearing:

Trousers- All Saints

Shirt- Jadzia Doroba

Shoes- Chanel

Bag- Chloe

Belt- Vintage

Sunnies- Dior

Bracelets- Kruk

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