Fed up with black tights and ever present trousers, I decided that +10C was just enough to bare my legs. It is March after all, isn’t it? London is usually quite mild (famous last words) so we can get away with no socks much longer into the Autumn than perhaps the rest of Europe and shed our winter coats much earlier, too.

But what I like the most is that in between weather when you can still wear loafers or pumps and you an throw your coat over a t-shirt. It’s where the most stylish outfits live.

For this outfit I’ve been inspired yet again by Isabel Marant style. It could have been 2010 catwalk show or 2016. The thing with Marant is that she never drastically changes her designs. This is smart not only from business point of view (so called “product development” certainly takes lot less and is less expensive too) but from the point of view of her customer, who perhaps doesn’t have the funds to buy the whole new wardrobe every season but she will buy a top and a jacket from a new collection to go with her skirt from a few seasons ago. Do you remember Marc Jacobs for LV? He took fashion on a merry ride around decades and whilst I mostly liked the clothes, I could never keep up, even if I only shopped H&M and Topshop. So I stopped trying.

Back to bare legs- Ana 1, weather 0. At least this was how it felt for a glorious hour or so. And then it started to rain.

Isabel Marant style

Isabel Marant style

Isabel maranta style

Isabel Marant style

Isabel Marant style


I’m wearing:

Coat & Boots- Isabel Marant 

Skirt- Zara 

Top H&M

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