On 31st August I’m in a bikini. On 1st of September I’m in a coat, ready to buy pumpkin spice latte at the nearest Starbucks. Is it Halloween yet?

Truth to be told, I’ve been looking at coats in the middle of August. What can a girl do when they are tempting me with their cashmere deliciousness? Is it wrong to buy a coat in August?- I asked my team after yet another trip to M&S who is early this year on the coat game. Early and on point. I loved their dark grey mannish number as much as camel cashmere blend, so beautiful in its simplicity.

coat list Chloe bag-1-3 Chloe bag-1-10

coat list

Chloe bag-1-14

coat list

Chloe bag-1-15 Chloe bag-1-16 Chloe bag-1-17

So I decided to draft a basic coat list to make sure I don’t stray and give in to (many temptations):

  1. Cashmere camel blend- yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s probably going to be from M&S. I dream about a pure cashmere one but this is out of my price range so blend will do nicely. It’ll go with my entire wardrobe, cream silk shirts for warmer days and grey cashmere jumpers when mercury plunges.
  2. A military one- again I saw a beautiful khaki number at M&S. It was heavy and just oozed quality. Surely, I can’t buy my coats entirely in M&S. Or can I? I’m not sure who’s doing their coat collection this year but it truly is brilliant. I saw nice ones at Zara too but as usual quality of the material is less desirable.
  3. A cream (!) robe like. I’m not sure where I’ll find it but I’m on the lookout. I know that there’s going to be three of us in this relationship- the coat, a coffee and me but I’d still love one for that luxurious lazy weekends, to be thrown over a cream cable knit and a pair of cashmere pants (No, I don’t have those either :).

So that’s my list. What coats are you planning on getting this season?


I’m wearing: 

Jacket- custom made 

Shirt & trousers- Zara

Bag- Chloe

Boots- Bocage

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