We all appreciate some form of art, be it music, painting or architecture. It’s a human thing to love and create interesting and beautiful objects and it gives me great joy to see art transmitting into our everyday lives. Our existence becomes richer because of this. When we are surrounded by attractive designs, whether in the form of furniture, clothing, an amazing staircase or just the packaging of food, grey reality becomes interesting.

Trends and styles are constantly shifting – fashion is everywhere and sets the course of everything: how we eat, live, dress, travel and even speak. There is no escape, we may follow fashion consciously or subconsciously but either way, we are ruled by it. Of course sometimes when we look back, with the benefit of hindsight, we may laugh – there is nothing more laughable than recently passed fashion, as someone said, and of course fashion isn’t omnipotent – far from it – so from time to time it makes mistakes…

However not this time I think. The trend I have in mind emerged about 4-5 years ago in creative alcohol labelling, especially beer, and took the market by storm. Of course it’s a marketing tool, but who says that functional art is any less valid than so-called fine art? I love the current developments in labelling, bringing pop art and comic styles into our homes when we buy wine or beer. Many companies actually employ famous artists such as Nick Dwyer (Beavertown Brewery) to design their labels, and since nearly every week a new microbrewery opens in the UK there is no end to such creativity. The imperative is that the product has to stand out among hundreds of others on the shelves, thus the labels have to be bold, artistically very good and original. At present the microbrewers lead the new fashion but the wine industry isn’t far behind and catching up fast.

I have been collecting photo material for some time now and I have to say that I have only scraped the top of a huge mountain. I was dealing only with brands available in London, however there is so much more out there that I have no access to. So if any of you find some other interesting labels for wine or beer in your area and would like to take pictures and send them to me I promise to add them to this post. I would love to see what I’ve missed!



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