This week we celebrated Ana’s birthday. I asked her a month ago what she would like to do on her B-day – and what present she would like from me. Her answer was “I want to go to see Flames of Desire by the Argentinian company Tango Fire, and I want a champagne stopper.”

Brilliant! I love all dancing performances and if Ana wants a champagne stopper then there should be some champagne as well. Can anyone imagine a better birthday celebration with your BBF than a night out at the theatre for a dancing show and bubbles?!? I don’t think so.


I heard about Tango Fire, a world famous tango company, when they toured London in 2012 and all the reviews were great. Ana saw them then and thought it was a spectacular show.

So I booked the tickets and last night after a glass of pre-theatre champagne we went to see Flames of Desire in the West End. I was totally enchanted. It was a remarkable performance of passionate Argentinian tango at its best. A fiery, sexy and energetic dance show accompanied by a quartet of musicians playing traditional tango straight from the early 20th century La Boca Quarter in Buenos Aires. Watching them dancing and listening to the impatient but measured rhythm of music, one can easy imagine oneself sitting in one of the cafés on Caminito Street some 100 years ago, waiting to be asked to tango by some handsome sailor.


This was a beautiful and professional show, full of passion and charm. Sometimes you could barely see their steps; their feet moved so fast. Every step, every turn was done with such precision and mastery. Perfect. I left the theatre still humming some of the tunes and my feet were still tapping the tango rhythm in the taxi. Highly recommended.


A. Margaine Blanc de Blancs Brut Premiere Cru is the champagne we drank before setting off for the theatre. The bottle was given to me by a friend some time ago who tried it and said that I should too. I thought to save it for a special occasion and frankly forgot about it until last week. What could be a better time to drink it than on Ana’s birthday? I have to say it was wonderful stuff. Very complex, nutty with a touch of marzipan and summer fruits on the nose while the palate was dry and fresh with apple and ripe pear notes and super fine bubbles and great mousse. A luxurious and bright bubbly with a very long finish. Definitely one to try, especially for those “who are willing to explore beyond the predictability of the yellow label of Veuve-Clicquot or the red stripe of Mumm.”(Venography 11.03.2009)


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