I really wasn’t sure at first about the whole Sixties vibe. Mustard hue, in my opinion, had never looked good on anyone. Psychedelic swirls and non iron shirts should never come back from the graveyard of fashion mistakes.

So when I went shopping in Paris, at first I didn’t notice that each purchase was taking me five decades back and planting me right in the middle of the dreaded era. It was only when I took stock that I realised that all my bounty was Sixties inspired.


The writing had been on the wall for a while but when I saw Anja Rubik wearing next season’s (now this season’s) A-line leather skirt, I realised that Swinging London was, yet again, round the corner.

So what am I going to wear this season? Well, let’s start with this Etam bag, reminiscent of Gucci’s Jackie in tan leather with golden clad tassel. My new snakeskin effect ankle boots will go beautifully with the A-line leather skirt (which I haven’t bought yet as the Reiss one in dusky pink leather sold out in my size). I will also be rocking grey gradient shades and a faux fur shrug, again Gucci inspired.


But perhaps my biggest love this season is snakeskin everything. I was lazily browsing the net yesterday when I saw a pair of magnificent, over the knee snakeskin boots from Topshop. Given that The French and I have a huge investment to make in the next few months, I felt the need to inform him that I might be making a significant purchase (normally he is not privy to this kind of information). “I saw these awesome boots from Topshop,” I said. “Don’t you have lots of boots already?” he asked. “Wrong answer,” I said, “the right answer is: my darling wife, you have been working so hard recently and you haven’t been shopping much. You deserve a pair of snakeskin boots”.


“My darling wife…” said The French.

I’m happy to report that I am looking at them whilst I write this. They make me feel like I’m the coolest girl this side of Thames.



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      Tuesday October 28th, 2014 / 09:23 PM

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  1. Monday November 3rd, 2014 / 07:02 AM

    you certainly deserve snakeskin everything, we all do, if they are really sixties I don’t know, groovy for sure!
    Lake&Moon Fall capsule wardrobe

  2. Sunday November 9th, 2014 / 07:25 PM

    perfect colours for autumn <3

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