I’ll let you in on a secret- I’m blind as a bat and always have been. I don’t mind that much- after all it’s all I know. I would love to have a laser surgery like The French who had it done so he could become a pilot.

Dior Sunglasses-4

Dior Sunglasses-3

Dior Sunglasses-2

Dior Sunglasses-6

I’ve been toying with this idea for the better part of the last decade but I’ve had to accept that that’s not something I will be able to do this side of Christmas.

Tired of musical chairs game involving my glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses I decided to get prescription sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong- I love wearing glasses. I think they make me look more serious at work. There are games to be played, too- like lowering your glasses as a silent indication you don’t believe the story someone is trying to sell you.

I think lots of you can relate to this- being able to put on sunglasses in the summer means carrying around eye drops, a spare pair of contact lenses- just in case and a pair of normal glasses if the sand under my eyelids gets too much. Both my sister and Trish got themselves prescription sunglasses and swear that it was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

“Just remember to go for classic style- said Trish when I told her I was going to follow her footsteps- or you’ll get bored and lose them on purpose just so that you can get a new pair”.

So yesterday I made a beeline for Selfridges sunnies department. I was after a particular pair- the one Diana Moldovan wears in the new Dior ad campaign. They didn’t carry this particular model so after another visit to Liberty I went to Dior temporary store at 16 Conduit Street.

I must admit that I make most of my designer purchases either at Selfridges, Liberty or online so I’ve never actually visited Dior boutique. Soft dove grey walls, thick carpet and roses- what’s not to love?

As it turned out my sales assistant was a fellow Pole and we immediately got into debate about watches, perfumes and diets. We counted calories in a chicken salad and I told her about my 5:2 diet. She told me that a Dior store on New Bond Street is being refurbished and will reopen as a Dior flagship store next year. They will carry everything from make up and accessories to bags and clothes. Oh, and we selected the glasses for me. Almost forgot about that. What do you think? I tried on a few models but they were too big for my face. The ones I bought were my first choice before I went on to try others.

Hopefully soon I will be able to change lenses for prescription ones. I imagine wearing my new glasses with a white, oversized shirt, gold bangles and red lipstick. I think they will look fabulous.

Once my sunnies were nicely packed it was time to go home. I spent a lovely half an hour or so in a cool, chic boutique having chat with a super nice assistant. She gave me her card and I’m glad she did. The tissue in my bag was sprayed with a perfume which is so beautiful I want to know what it is. It smells of wood, frankincense and something very earthy. It”ll be an ideal gift for someone very special to me.

I’m wearing:

Shirt- Red Collar Project

Skirt- Zara

Bag- Chloe

Sunnies- Dior

Heels- vintage




  1. Kika
    Sunday June 7th, 2015 / 10:15 AM

    Muszę przyznać że i zdjęcia i stylizacje coraz lepsze! nawet więcej zdjęć by się przydało, mam niedosyt! są tak subtelne! piękne ‘miękkie’ światło idealnie pasuje do zamszu spódnicy 🙂

    • admin
      Monday June 8th, 2015 / 06:45 PM

      Dziekujemy! 🙂

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