If you were conditioned to think that you can look good only in heels, welcome to the club. Heels are supposed to make us look elegant and feel tall and slim, right?. I’ve spent my twenties on high heels, lusting after yet another pair of Jimmy Choos.

When did it shift for me? I think the writing was on the wall a couple of years back when I bought a pair of Valentino Rockstuds. Choosing a kitten heel version meant I was able to walk around Paris that summer and go to dinner without having to change shoes on a sly.

Then in March this year I found myself in a Chanel boutique in Paris, choosing between two pairs of beige pumps. One pair made my legs look long and slim, the other less so but it had a low, block heel. I bought the latter pair (you can see them here). I’m supper happy with them although at times I do feel a bit misunderstood (The French hates them, so does my sister).  But after I bought myself a pair of Gucci loafers, that thing with flats really took off for me.

It’s not a new thing, of course. Sneakers have been around on the fashion scene ever since Phebe Philo took a bow after the catwalk show in snow white Adidas Stan Smiths. Then Gucci came along and suddenly loafers and fur slighbacks were all over Instagram.

But for me it was a personal journey. It was about letting go of an illusion and gaining confidence. I stopped needing stilettos to feel good.

PS. I took this photos for clothing brand NA-KD. Do you like them?

stylish flats

stylish flats

stylish flats


I’m wearing; 

Black trench- NA-KD

Leather trousers- J Brand 

Shoes- &Other Stories 

Bag- Chanel 

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