First time I saw a pair of harem trousers in Zara, my heart skipped a beat. They were my grown up ticket to Aladdin fantasy and in them, I’d be a modern reinvention of Jasmine from the streets of London.  Excited, I skipped to the changing room only to feel deflated like yesterday’s part balloon. I was Jasmine, all right- only blonde, short and king of frumpy looking in these pants. I put them back on the hanger.

How to style wide legged trousers

The second time, I actually bought a pair of (very) wide legged denim, also from Zara. What I had in mind at the time was a photo of Kate Moss in grey top with rolled up sleeves and high waisted, wide legged denim with square pockets at the front. Needless to say, I looked nothing like Kate but I bought the trousers anyway.  They worked with only one outfit, a cropped jacket and a stripy t-shirt, and with high heels. Every time I wore them I felt dumpy so eventually they found their way to a local Oxfam shop. That was me done with wide legged pants for a few years.

How to style wide legged trousers

But recently I came across a pair from Topshop denim range, Moto. Their white ankle crop jeans were my staple for a long time until they were suddenly discontinued. I fell out of love with Topshop denim for a while- their super soft, almost legging like and high waisted jeans are so not my style. But there babies were a different kettle of fish and I was willing to brave the crowds one Thursday afternoon to get my hands on a pair.

Of course I know why the other wide legged pairs didn’t work for me. I’ve made this mistake so many times in the past- I’d be buying clothes fort the body I’d love to have than for who I am. So before I went for quite soft, flowing silhouettes whereas as a shortie, I suite better more structured shape, cropped just north of the ankle.

How to style wide legged trousers

I’m a fan of simple shapes and I’ll be styling the trousers with white or black t-shirts, preferably men’s.  I’m also after a nude or white ribbed tank top to pair with them, something that has a bit of weight to it and is on a perfect side of slouchy. Shoes wise, I cannot wait until it’s warm enough to wear them with my Chanel mules (I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pair of shoes more) but for now, simple loafers or a pair of Converse will give the look plenty of street cred.


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