Last week on a “hurray it’s Monday” partly sunny day I braved Oxford Circus shops on a mission called “spring/summer 2015 wardrobe update”.  I simply couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve “done” my winter wardrobe in a myriad of combination and I was ready for a some new additions.  This time I knew exactly what I wanted to get (as opposed to aimlessly wandering around the shops- which I call research by the way) and I wasn’t going to be distracted by siren call of retail.

suede skirt, topshop boots, denim shirt-1-9

This season I am fully embracing seventies laid back luxe. I’m actually very surprised because I’m normally very picky about what I buy and no way would I adapt most of my wardrobe according to current trend reports. But recently I’ve felt drawn to supple suede, raw denim and snakeskin everything. As if I subconsciously I want to look like I stepped straight out from Chloé advert. Maybe that’s what it is. I just want to live in a Chloé effortless world. Who can blame me for that?

suede skirt, topshop boots, denim shirt-1-8



Since Chloé is out of my price bracket, I made a beeline for Zara. What would I do without it? That tan suede skirt was waiting for me, calling my name, promising to make me fall in love with it (which I promptly did without any extra encouragement). I knew straight away it has a serious milage. Worn with my OTK boots or gladiator sandals later on, it will take me through this season and beyond. I also couldn’t resist an update on a denim shirt, which this season comes in a sophisticated dark wash. I really love the colour combination. It’s so 70’s yet so thoroughly modern.

suede skirt, topshop boots, denim shirt-1-14


So here are my hero pieces and building blocks of this season wardrobe. All of them have a “now” appeal but are also future classics that I know I will wear for seasons to come (hmmm, does this sound familiar to you?):

@Suede- be it a skirt, a jacket or a trench coat. It’s totally luxurious and elegant yet wearable and effortless. Having bought the skirt I’m now after a suede trench coat. Mango had a beautiful one but it got sold out before I could say ‘coat”.


@Raw denim- favourite by the likes of Elin Kling, it was a hero piece on LV catwalk. Whether a shirt of pants (or both- in my case) it looks elegant and whilst I couldn’t wear it to work, it is a sort of piece that can make appearance in a bit more relaxed working environment. Worn with block heels and a jacket, it can truly look sharp and polished.

@Snakeskin- bag, shoes, belts- take your pick. Recently my favourite past time consists of looking up Jerome Dreyfuss snakeskin bags on Matches. Since I owe two pairs of python effect boots, surely I couldn’t possibly buy a bag to go with them…or could I? Either way, like every other animal print, snakeskin is neutral so you will be able to wear it for many seasons to come.

@Tan bag- it’s one of the summer classics that never goes out of style. It’ll work hard for you summer after summer.

@Aviators- THE coolest sunnies on Earth and they have been around since err…1936. Chances are, they are not going anywhere any time soon.


For the end this week I’ve prepared second edit of s/s ’15 hero pieces. But let’s not be hasty here. There are other trends I will definitely be trying out- dance inspired, mid century yet modern take on a lady (think Miu Miu and the coats with pencil skirts) or rock ‘n’ roll in summer leather…


What trends will you be wearing this spring?


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