Did someone say the flares were in? You wouldn’t know it looking at Instagram accounts where skinnies (and ripped skinnies) still dominate the fashion landscape. Maybe we are not ready to retire our skinny jeans yet?

isabel Marant inspired jacket-flares-topshop-1-4

Personally I’m glad that flares are back. Last time I had a chance to wear them was in my happy teenage years when I was obsessed with Miloš Forman movie “Hair”. Have you seen it? I was utterly mesmerized by the clothes and the music. Suddenly Vivianne Westwood inspired modern punk princess (thank you, mother) went to the back of the closet. The hippie was born.

isabel Marant inspired jacket-flares-topshop-1-6

You know what they say- if you remember the trend first time around you really shouldn’t be wearing it when it comes back. Well, the first time I remember boho being so big was in mid noughties- think Sienna Miller effect and thousands of copycats. At that time I was channeling Park Avenue princesses so I’ve missed out on the whole boho vibe.


Dipping my toes in boho luxe trend (and following on from my Tuesday post) here are the building blocks of my s/s 2015 wardrobe:

@Flares- the pair I’m wearing is from Topshop. I still have a mental block on buying jeans with the price tag over £100. I don’t need bum lifting magic, I just want a decent pair of denim. So as much as I like MiH Marrakesh flares, I am very happy with my £40 from Topshop. I find them incredibly flattering, leg slimming and lengthening at the same time. I hope the trend is staying for the foreseeable.

isabel Marant inspired jacket-flares-topshop-1-5

@Embelished cotton jacket- think Isabel Marant and her July jacket (and a number of variations in the subject). The embellishment is a nonchalant statement akin to piling on a stack of bracelets on your tanned wrists. I had mine made a few years and of course it was heavily inspired by Isabel Marant. I have recently seen similar ones in Zara and other high street shops. Comes warmer weather I will be wearing it with my Isabel Marant silk ruffled mini skirt.

isabel Marant inspired jacket-flares-topshop-1-7

@Peacoat- I know, this is more of a next season piece but flares + peacoat = Chloe girl. Can you resist?

isabel Marant inspired jacket-flares-topshop-1-9

@Jérôme Dreyfuss Bonnie boots- I actually haven’t bought them yet but I’m eyeing them up, calculating the mileage… I think it would be immense- lower heel (cone), luxurious in sued- I could wear them with jeans, shorts, mini skirts…

What about you? Have you been shopping for your spring wardrobe yet?



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