Although I’m Polish by birth and nationality, I’m also English by marriage and a Londoner by choice and habit.  I have lived in this awesome city for over 15 years (almost a half of my life!) and still haven’t become bored of it. When I arrived many years ago London was kind to me and welcoming from the start.  I’ve never felt like a foreigner here; it was relatively easy to get started in my new life in Britain, thanks to London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.  I immediately felt at home here. Thames (1 of 1)-12

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I arrived in London at the age of 20, a very young woman: wide eyed and inexperienced, still a girl I think.  I have spent the whole of my grown-up life here.  London made me into a woman, shaped me, matured me and educated me. It played a huge part in making me what I am today. I found here the love of my life!  I’d like to return the favour so from time to time, on the pages of this blog, you will find a post showing my undying love for this unique city.

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London is a vibrant and dynamic city, never stagnant or old.  Despite its significant age it is always young and on trend.  The city is constantly changing and evolving, always busy with new projects and ideas, and in a relentless move to get better, brighter, forever young and new.  Unlike some other ancient European cites, some maybe prettier but too often stuck in their glorious past, you would never called London a skansen* of history, you would never call London old or twee.Thames (1 of 1)-10Thames (1 of 1)-8Thames (1 of 1)-5

The photos included in this post are from last weekend’s walk that Ana and I took on the south bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge. We wandered near the river, ventured through Shad Thames, got a coffee in the iconic Blueprint Café and rested our legs near the fountain on other side of City Hall, looking at kids playing in the water happy that the sun finally came out. I hadn’t been in this part of London for a couple of years.  It used to be one of my favourite strolling routes but then I began to explore other parts of the city.  I was amazed how much it has changed. The most striking change was the new (for me) view of the north side of the river, with so many new buildings twinkling in the afternoon sun: the Walkie Talkie, the Cheese-grater, The Heron… Of course I knew  that they were recently built; I read the papers and I had seen photos but I hadn’t seen them all together in their surroundings, creating a spectacular vista of shapes and forms of gleaming silver and shiny glass.thames (1 of 1)

London continues to surprise me every time I venture to the centre or wander around the side streets of the West End.  It always has something interesting up its sleeve to make me stop and gawk in awe.   Like last weekend near Tower Bridge.

It is one of the best cities on the planet.

*an open air museum


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