Where to shop in London? What are the secret shopping spots? A while ago I wrote post about some of my favourite shopping places in London. It was hugely popular and I promised you part 2. I’m ashamed to say that it never materialised. I’ve been hoping to make some snaps of the shops but I’ve had to admit to myself that it probably won’t happen any time soon. I usually shop on the way from court and carry a handbag, a coffee cup and drag a suitcase behind me. A camera equipment for obvious reasons isn’t  going to make my court kit. 🙂

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So what are my favourite shopping spots in London? Well, how about Knightsbridge? I know, I know. Associated with wealthy Middle Eastern women and ladies who lunch, it’s not exactly known as a mecca of cool. But hear me out. There are at least four reasons to shop in Knightsbridge and in no particular order, here they are:

@ Shoe Heaven in Harrods. Located on the 5th floor, it really is a shoe heaven. A maze of opulent (it’s Harrods after all), luxurious shoes boutiques house every designer you can think of under one roof. I’ve gone there recently in search of every day ankle boots to replace my beloved Stevie Maddens which I’ve worn to shoe- death. I ended up in Isabel Marant’s boutique and let me tell you- seeing all these beauties in one place made it really difficult to decide. I naturally gravitate towards high heels so I had to give myself a bit of a lecture and remind myself of all those boxes of high heels at home and inability to run for the bus in them. I walked out with Crisi concealed wedge in taupe suede.  Walking around Harrods’ 5th floor is like being invited to a luxurious suite at the hotel. It’s worth a stroll, even if you are not planning on shopping there. It will suck you in and make you look at shoes for hours but there is no time for it as my next stop is…

@ Zara, located just by Harrods and on your left hand side when you come out Knightsbridge tube station. In my experience not all Zara shops are the same and this one is definitely my favourite. It seem to have the best selection of Zara’s more lux and trend orientated pieces. It’s also never crowded which is a bonus after going to any Zara store on Oxford Circus. Similarly…

@ Topshop locatded on the other side of the road, just opposite to Zara. I normally go to Topshop on Oxford Circus once in a blue moon and only on the days I’m feeling brave and adventurous (on account of super loud music and gaggles on teenagers everywhere) but the Knighstbridge store is practically empty during the day (there is loud music, too though). It carries a good selection of grown up and good quality pieces whilst bypassing all the teenage stuff I’m not so keen on.

@ And last but by no means least, my favourite consignment shop, Pandora tucked away between sweet muse houses on Montpelier Walk. It’s like a treasure trove- full of Chanel pieces, dresses from Prada and D&G, Celine bags…The prices vary- from a few hundred pounds for Chanel jacket (sadly, I never found one in my seize), designer dresses discounted to £150 and hardy ever worn Jimmy Choo heels for a similar price. That’s where I got my Isabel Marant brand new fringed boots for £100 and my Chloe small Marcia bag (also brand new) which retails for over £400 in a regular shop, and which I snapped up for £150. Like with all designer agencies it can be a hit and miss. One day you’ll come away empty handed, the other you won’t know where to look for abundance of covetable pieces. If you like it, snap it up. The best pieces don’t stay in the shop for too long. I still think of that classic Burberry trench I didn’t buy. At £100 it was truly a bargain. When I returned a few hours later it was gone. For those of you looking for a Hermes bag, there is a little place next door on Cheval Walk (unfortunately I compeletly forgot it’s name), which carries a great selection of Birkin bags. Dreams…:)

Now that I opened that Pandora box (sorry, couldn’t help it…) I’ll let you on another secret. Not many people know that there is a

@ Burberry outlet in Hackney Central in East London. It’s set off from the main road a bit so I got lost three times but it was worth checking it out. It’s an empire of coats. They have lots of other items like sunglasses, scarves and jeans but it were the coats that got me excited. Whilst it’s not the cheapest place, the discount on coats and trench coats is very decent and if you are looking to invest in a  classic Burberry piece, it’s worth a trip before heading to a regular Burberry store. I got my navy wool trench (you saw it in “How to do relaxed style” post) for half the price. It’s an absolute classic so I’m planning on wearing it for years to come.

Do you have favourite shopping spots in London? Share them with us!

I’m wearing:

Trousers – Zara (they were hugely popular last year and are now back in stock)

Tee- H&M

Jacket- Warehouse 

Heels- Stuart Weitzman

Sunglasses- Ray Ban 

Bag- Chanel

Jewellery- Apart 


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