The spring has arrived, the winter is gone and let’s hope it won’t be coming back again in May… The sun is out, the temperature is finally raising above 20 C, and my spirit with it. After so many years I’m still amazed how fast the weather changes in England. Within a couple of weeks the world went from the winter gloom to glorious spring!

Time for sunglasses, summer dresses and a glass of Rosé drank in the garden.SPRING (1 of 1)-4

I’ve enjoyed last few warm days when I’ve been drinking my morning coffee in my back garden, bathing in a warm sunlight thinking of the coming summer. What  a bliss… one morning my husband popped his head into the kitchen and started laughing when he saw my delighted expression and a goofy grin on my face.  “Oh dear, I forgot much you love the sun! Sometimes I think all you need to live is sunshine and coffee!” he said with a smile. But it’s true- I do. I bloom like my flowers in the garden when  the sun is out. My mood is getting better and I became my easy-going self again. I’m happy.

Dear sun I’ve missed you!SPRING (1 of 1)-3


So if there is sun and sunglasses, and eating alfresco, there have to be a glass of rosé to go with it, too. For me rosé wine means summer. I think my friend must have felt the same, since he brought this wonderful bottle of Sancerre Sancerre Rosé Loury 2013 with him yesterday afternoon. For both of us it was the first rosé this year, and my! We started it with a bang. What an amazing bottle of wine!  Drinking it reminded me again why I definitely should drink more of pink Sancerres. They are so lovely.Sancerre Rose Loury (1 of 1)-9

Everything about this wine screams SUMMER! The beautiful coral colour of the of strawberry juice, the aromas on the nose packed with fresh summer berries and flowers. This wine, made purely of Pinot Noir, is a truly sun-kissed. The flavours hidden in this rosé  bottle are those of the summer garden scented with delicate perfume of rose and lavender blossom, aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries, touch of sweet strawberries and tart cranberries on the finish. There are some notes of Turkish delight and sweet  berry jelly, too. Despite its very rich and sweet smelling bouquet, this is dry, crisp and refreshing wine, perfect for a hot day. It will go with most of fresh summer dishes from salads, fish (it’s perfect with salmon) to the barbecue meats.

To summer!Sancerre Rose Loury (1 of 1)-2Sancerre Rose Loury 1 (1 of 1)


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