It’s the beginning of January, the hottest time of year for shopaholics. I’m sure that you have already nosed around shops looking for the best offers and most amazing finds, or are planning to do so ASAP. I’m also sure that like me, you were eyeing up some of the more expensive items in the shops during December, hoping that they would be on sale after Christmas.


Sales are such a brilliant opportunity to get your dream sweater or a pair of heels half price, or stock up on cosmetics, chocolates and the best British biscuits – you don’t have to eat them all right away!


The same applies to wine merchants. Every wine boutique or respectable wine merchant stocks up in December with the best brands and vintages they can get their hands on, in the hope of selling it all throughout the Christmas period. In an ideal word nothing would be left after new year but of course that’s never the case. Girls, if you love vino and would like to try something different or normally above your budget, this is the time to storm the wine shops!


If you are in town hunting for shoes and handbag bargains, it’s worthwhile popping in to any of the big department stores such as John Lewis, Harrods, M&S or Selfridges and browse through their wine and champagne offers and bin ends*. Check what’s on offer in the fine spirits department: there should be some good deals on posh or unusual liqueurs and craft spirits. If you like making cocktails this is an opportunity to broaden your cocktail repertoire.

sales wine-1

Valentine’s Day is approaching and everyone will need a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with their loved one – so why not get it now when you can buy rare stuff cheaper? Check the photos to see what I found! Most of them below £30! I’ll tell you all about them closer to V Day.


It’s worth checking the big high street off-licence chains and supermarkets, as they should have some of their great Burgundies, Bordeaux and other fine wines left. They will all have slashed their prices too.

Some of the bigger companies are doing up to 30% off! And the best part is – the wines don’t go off! You can stock up and keep them to enjoy on a rainy day. Like the little black dress, fine wines are timeless and fit for any occasion. It doesn’t hurt to have one or two fabulous bottles stashed in your cellar.


So put on your favourite jeans on and most comfortable flats (this is not the time for eleven inch stilettoes) grab your BBF and go wine and champagne hunting!

Happy shopping girls!!!

*bin ends – end of the line or vintage, leftovers of stock which is not coming back.




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