I must admit that when it comes to fashion, I often think in cliche like way. Americans? Polished. French? Sexy. Londoners? (that’s a separate category in itself) Cool. Italian? Glamorous.


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Go on, admit it. You think that, too. How could we not when there are endless pages of magazines and books dedicated to that very topics. If you haven’t read Helena Firth Powell’s books about Italian and French girls, it’s a must. Tongue in cheek, Helena investigates the myths and cliches we grow up with. Whether she is debunking or perpetuating the beliefs you cannot help but think that there is a grain of truth in all the tales.



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When I first came to London my dress sense was very different. I grew up being taught that one dresses up for the occasion. Party merited a new dress and that dress better be body conscious. One Sunday morning a boy I was dating and I were flicking through a morning paper with photos from the club we went to the previous night, when he pointed at a picture of a girl saying “Oh, doesn’t she look cool!”. To me, she didn’t. She was wearing a granddad cardigan, heels with socks and a shapeless dress. That time I wouldn’t have looked twice at her except maybe to think “how dreadful”. Except now I can see exactly what the appeal was. That was…some years ago. London remained cool, its ever evolving yet familiar brand of it.

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Things have changed for me and my closet went through several transformations but when I want to dress up to the nines I call on that particular type of glamour that I associate with the Italians. I know that word glamour has it’s bad connotation and when I say it I don’t mean “Berlusconi” type of it. I mean the real deal- elegant, put together, beautifully crafted…authentic. Kind of old school but also contemporary.



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It was great to dress up on a weekend when Trish and I walked around the streets of old London. With Londoners and visitors alike wearing casual clothes, we felt positively different and very excited, as if something pleasant was about to happen. After all, dressing up like this is still associated with an occasion.





That day I wore my new red opera coat with bracelet sleeves, which I had made to order. It looked great with my black shift dress that used to belong to my mother and my Valentino Rockstuds. When I bought the fabric for my coat I was thinking about something with 50’s feel to it, yet modern enough to wear with ripped skinnies and heels. I think I’ve achieved that.

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Trish is wearing a red silk skirt which also used to belong to my mother, and a soft leather jacket. I love the proportions of her outfit- slim top, full skirt and her tiny waist.

It was a cloudy day in London and there was not much light but I like how the photos had turned out. Our red clothes provide a interesting pop of color against moody sky and old brick buildings.

Do you dress up? What do you wear when you do?

Trish is wearing:

Red skirt: vintage

Leather jacket: New Look

Handbag: vintage

Heels: Dune

Sunglasses: Aurora

I’m wearing:

Coat- custom made

Dress; vintage

Bag: Chanel

Heels: Valentino

Sunglasses: Ray Bans



  1. Ela
    Saturday April 18th, 2015 / 02:57 PM

    Witam! Dziewczyny świetnie wyglądacie no i ta czerwień ! Głęboki, intensywny odcień. Świetnne stylizacje 🙂

    • admin
      Saturday April 18th, 2015 / 03:19 PM

      Elu dziękujemy! Ogromnie się cieszymy, że do nas zaglądasz! 🙂 Aneta & Patrycja

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