I’m a Pole and anarchy runs through my veins. Put four of us on a desert island and we will immediately form eight political parties, of which half will be the opposition and organise couple of uprisings.  As a nation we suffer from particular condition called aversion to authority and reluctance to conform to established norms. Some have stronger symptoms than others. Mine veer towards pathological.

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In real life that translates into my inability to be in formal employment (bosses and I never see eye to eye), following two entirely different career paths (which have nothing in common) and generally calling my own shots. But often it just means dressing a bit less conventional for formal occassion.


There are some aspect of my job that require me to dress elegantly and conservatively. Whilst I can do the former I struggle with the latter. Don’t get me wrong- I can easily pull off three piece suit as long as I don’t have to do it.8

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So I rebel. Whilst others wear elegant, black suits, my favourite one is a sparkly tweed jacket trimmed with leather and a matching skirt to go with it. It’s rather on a glamorous side and I often get asked if I’m wearing Chanel- I wish! But most importantly- it’s occassion appropriate but doesn’t really fit conventional rules.

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I often pair it with fishnet tights if I’m wearing stilettos or my over the knee Stuart Weitzmann boots. Sometimes I put on my lace bib (the same I’m wearing in my Mexicana cowboy boots post) for extra special effects. For most part people love it. A few probably think I’m a bimbo, which always makes me laugh because this is when I go in for the kill.


The bottom line is that I don’t buy into a theory that in order to appear a tough negotiator in a boardroom or a reliable custodian of a court case, a woman must dress dowdily. There’s nothing wrong in showing a little bit of personality. I found that great clothes and general grooming combined with knowledge and confidence can be a killer combination at work. I’ve used it to my advantage countless times.


So here are a few tips if your job requires you to dress conservatively but you also want to smuggle in a little bit of indivduality:

@ Slightly unusual fabric or a cut is always a good idea. My all times favourite suit was navy, had bracelet sleeves and generally looked like it could belong to Jackie Kennedy. In a sea of plain balck suits it looked insanely glamorous and very, very elegant.


@Fishnet tights or hold ups are the most sophisticated and grown up choice. I always make sure they are micro net rather then wide net as wide net can look theatrical.

tweed suit- stuart weitzmann boots-23

@If a plain black suit is your only option, you can show your personality through shoes (suede OTK boots and a pencil skirt can be just the ticket) or jewellery.

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@ I found that smaller handbags make bigger impacts. Somewhow small handbags whisper “power”. Lugging around big and filled to the brim tote doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect. I’m a big fan of small suitcases or leather briefcases on wheels which I can stuff to my heart’s content whilst still carrying my little Chanel 2.55.

On the photos I’m wearing tweed suit by Bebe, Stuart Weitzmann Highland boots, a custom made coat.


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