When I look back at some of my earlier photos from the beginning of this blog, I see a miserable crow who swallowed a broomstick. I had no idea what to do and felt so uncomfortable in front of camera.

Pose, click, pose click. Stop pouting and say cheese.

A year and half later and I’m a world away from my initial shyness. I couldn’t care less if there are people around when we take the photos.  Somewhere along the lines I realised that no one really remembers or cares because everyone’s too preoccupied with running their own show.

It was a revelation for me. I no longer went to bed going through “she said, he said, I said” scenarios, trying to assess if I’d made a clown out of myself. I no longer cared if I said something silly. I no longer felt shy when I took photos in the middle of the streets, with people staring at us.

power of a dress

power of a dress

power of a dress

power of a dress

power of a dress

We took these photos in the middle of July in London’s Somerset House. I’m wearing a dress, which was shamelessly inspired by Bottega Veneta dress circa 2013.  Since my budget doesn’t stretch to ££££ for a dress, I cut the photo out  from Vogue Collections magazine and decided to keep it for future reference.

For a girl who loves nothing more then a well cut pair of leather trousers and yards of grey cashmere, this dress transforms me. Every time I put it on, I feel different. I don’t walk so fast. I straighten my back. I feel elegant, regal almost. And it doesn’t need much, just a simple bracelet and a pair of flats.  Talk about power of a dress…

I’m wearing; 

Dress- Jadzia Doroba 

Shoues- Louboutin 

Bag- Chanel 

Sunglasses- Dior 

Bracelet- Tiffany 



  1. Dasynka
    Wednesday August 10th, 2016 / 10:41 AM

    Lovely! I also became less shy when I understood that people don’t care about me more than about theirself, so I became more confident with myself. Really in love with your dress 🙂

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