When we said we were going to be back in 6 weeks, we really didn’t anticipate what goes into making a new website if you are (a) computer illiterate and (b) wants lots of things that are now included in the website template.

I wonder how much our web designer despaired along the way when we tried to explain to him what we wanted in a mixture of Polish, English and some made up language best described as Ponglish.

All that “we will have our menu bar same shade of pink like our icons buttons but the menu bar will be kind of see-through and a bottle of champagne on the new logo  and oh, and the font…” (and get this-we spent like three months choosing the font, going back and forth), all that took much, much longer than we anticipated.

But we are finally get here! So all of you who were with us along the way, and any new faces- welcome to our new site. We missed you.

I’m wearing:

Shirt- vintage

Shorts- Levis

Bag- Celine


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  1. Jeanette lee
    Sunday October 15th, 2017 / 12:16 AM

    So glad to see you back

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