sports outfit

I used to wonder wo are these sad people reading sports pages of the daily papers? Now I can tell you- it’s me. I read the football pages of the Evening Standard (but not the rest because I’m allergic to propaganda). I got into football a couple of years ago and if anytime, I’m more obsessed than ever. If you were reading my site two years ago at the time of the Euro 2016, you may remember this post.

sports outfit

Now I’m excitedly awaiting the World Cup and watching all the friendly matches. Our daily schedule will have to change for a month and the new household rules are as follows:


Daily catering under the name of “The wife’s delights” will be operating on a very limited schedules, serving pasta, pizza and sandwiches.

sports outfit

There also be a separate budget for pub and Deliveroo meals.

sports outfitBeer will take up space of the groceries. Good London hipsters that we are, we will got for London breweries.

Do not call me, Skype me or want anything from me unless you want to join me in watching football. Similarly, unless we are hours from nuclear disaster, do not talk to me about anything other then football.

sports outfit

Highlights are as important as the match itself.  The office will close early when Poland, France or England are playing. Do not get arrested on these days because I won’t come to the police station until the match has finished.

My today’s outfit is sport inspired although not strictly speaking all about sport shorts and Converse. As this is England, despite it being June, on most days the temperature oscillates between 15C and 18C hence the jumper. T-shirt as usual, nicked from The French.

Be sure to pop in next week- I’ll show you our second day of photoshoot and intrigue a wonderful woman who became out brand ambassador.

Photo by @behindtheseventhdoor

T-shirt- Zara man’s department

Shorts- Reserve

Traners- Converse

Bag- Celine


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