I went to Budapest and all I bought for Trish was a lousy fridge magnet. I know, I know… as souvenirs go this wasn’t very imaginative. But what else was could I have brought? Well, wine for starters but with Trish, it would have been like carrying coals to Newcastle.

I did go into all the “folk” shops and for a moment I thought about getting Trish a blouse, one of these hand embroidered, folk pieces  that looks wonderful on holiday and then you come home and wander what were you thinking… Yet, in one of these shops I found a skirt I dreamt of.

It was before all my summer travel plans unravelled suddenly one Sunday morning. But at that time, I still had summer stretching in front of me, warm evenings in Budapest in dramatic settings of old castle, impending travel to Amalfi coast, a terrace overlooking the Med and charming cobblestone towns. I needed a skirt to go with it.

I found it in one of the shops I would normally avoid, tourist traps full of embodied table cloths and those folk. Skirts were nowhere to be seen until I came across this one, tucked away in the corner on the first floor, hanging on the wall. It wasn’t even for sale. It didn’t have a button. I made them sell it to me.

I didn’t go to Amalfi coast and my trip to Budapest was cut short. Yet, just like my Toteme dress and my straw bag, this skirt will withstand the test of time.

It reminds me of the Godfather scenes in Sicily, hot cobblestones and the charm of bygone year. Until next year, Italy. I’m coming and bringing my skirt with me 🙂

I’m wearing;

Shirt -Zara

Skirt- no brand, bought locally,

Bag- Primark


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