Maybe it’s because I’m moving to the French coast in less than two weeks or maybe it’s the hot summer we are having, but there is something captivating in the name- Biarritz.  A surfers’ mecca, the name conjures images of an expanse of billowing ocean, salty breeze and blonde tussled hair women in wet suits (ahem, could that be me one day?).

I hesitated for a while. I have been using Gypsy Water exclusively for the past six years and I love the unusual smell of lemon, pine needles and bonfire smoke.  I don’t really like to mix perfumes, I told myself. And really, isn’t Chanel a bit too mainstream? And yet, I felt that the time has come to switch things up.

Chanel Biarritz

I ended up in a Chanel boutique in Covent Garden, picking up new Chanel fragrance, Biarritz. I love the bottle, a simple masculine flask, and the effervescent, unusual, unisex scent. The fragrance contains a synthetic molecule meant to mimic the scent of fresh air which is perhaps why it works for me (my favourite perfumes in the past were Hermes, Kelly Caleche which smelled of leather  and Bottega Veneta, with strong notes of leather and moss).

Chanel Biarritz

If you are on the market for a new scent,  you may want to try Biarritz or two other new fragrances by Chanel, Venise and Deauville. I’m in love with my new scent and I feel this big bottle will go down in no time.


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