Thank you so much Ana”… this would be the best start to this post.  What am I thanking her for? Well, for spending her whole Sunday shopping with me and revising my entire wardrobe for this season. It was an exhausting expedition but at the same time it was great fun. Ana, you are my favourite stylist and shopping assistant! 

As usual retail therapy is the best way to make you feel better. And oh boy! I needed it, because last week I hit the point where I looked at my clothes and refused to leave the house because I had nothing decent to wear. I love my new clothes and now feel pretty well set up for summer 2015. Of course we couldn’t refit my whole wardrobe at one go; that is impossible to achieve even in London, so there are planned some additions – Im thinking maybe in Paris next month :), though I think we covered the bases and I’m not afraid to leave the house any more.  Cant wait to show you all the new stuff I got.


pinot grigio ArBol DeVida-2

I never thought that I would ever be telling you to buy a Pinot Grigio, especially one below £20, but here it is. I’m  a bit shocked as well, but I guess there has to be a first time for everything. There is a Pinot Grigio called ArBol DeVida from Argentina (M&S £6.00 if you buy 2!) which definitely deserves my BARGAIN-TASTIC award.

Its the first Pinot Grigio at an affordable price I have tried in years that I would honestly recommend.  Its light, dry, easy to drink and – hear this! – full of flavours! Peach, pineapple, some floral accents and citrus. A pearl among so many bland and generally pointless PGs, it actually shines in comparison.  Great stuff for any sunny afternoon and a great partner to most summer dishes. Take it with you to a barbecue party if you generally prefer to drink white.

pinot grigio ArBol DeVida-3


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