The fashion for artisan gin is still going strong and it doesn’t look like it will pass any time soon. Some of my friends now have gin bars, and others are starting collections because of the enormous range of brands and styles, priding themselves for having the rarest and most unusual examples.


Last year I wrote a review of a few of my favourite brands (here) at that time, but a year is a long time for the gin industry nowadays. I have found a few new amazing gin brands since then.


Summer is around the corner and the garden parties have already started, so it’s a prime time to start hunting for new gin. And who doesn’t like a good G&T in a sunny weather?

So here is my new find:


The Pinkster Gin

It’s very girly in appearance with a lovely pink hue, thanks to distilling it through fresh raspberries that give it its colour and subtle fruitiness. The Pinkster is a very British gin; dry and full of character where the juniper stands out, while coriander and black pepper highlights aromas of stewed raspberries. After addition of tonic the raspberry jam became fresher gaining more grapefruit aromas, making it a rather serious and well balanced long drink. It’s a small batch gin very well made and really smooth thanks to triple distilling a perfect type for a summery G&T. Try it with fresh raspberries and pink grapefruit as a garnish.





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