I used to be that girl who took hours to get ready for a party. Hair, manicure, twenty changes of dresses, make up. I’m not sure when this changed, maybe when I finally found my own style?

Anine Bing bra

Silk shirt, leather trousers and heels are now my usual suspects when I get ready for a night out. I recently came across Anine Bing boutique in Harvey Nichols and bought what is probably the best bra I’ve ever owned. Because it doesn’t have a push up effect I can leave the third button of my shirt undone, for me a crucial difference between a party and an office.

Not a fan of party make up- smoky eyes and fake lashes don’t inhabit my land- I’m addicted to bronzer for a “just came back from a weekend in South of France” glow. The finishing touch is a slick of red lipstick (but I never remember to reapply it).



  1. Sunday September 11th, 2016 / 06:13 PM

    That is my go to kind of outfit as well 🙂 xx

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