Paris Fashion Week started today and I can’t be more excited for all the things to come. Paris! The beauty of this city tugs at my heart’s strings every time. As much as I love London and it’s super cool vibe Paris has a special place in my heart. I keep telling The French that our future children will be shipped off to study in Paris and we will gate crush their flat every weekend 🙂 How’s that for an excuse to visit that beautiful city?

So here’s the exciting bit- you may already know I’m going to Paris for the Fashion Week! Crazy, non? Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a split personality. One that sees and deals with the most gruesome things in this world and the other one that says to my readers “Look at the dress I bought today! And you should see the shoes that go with it!” Both sides are necessary for me to keep the balance.

Going to Paris definitely means I will be visiting my favourite kind of places on earth- Parisian cafes. It’s a world in itself. Time stops. Conversations meander slowly. Papers are read.

Parisian cafe

Parisian cafes

parisian Cafes

Parisian cafes

paris cafes -1-5

Parisian cafes

parisian cafes

Parisian cafes

Parisian cafes

Parisian cafes

French people tell me that the tempo of life in Paris is neck-breaking. Cafes offer illusion of a diffeent Paris. You can be in Belle Epoque if you wish. You can almost hear Nana’s swishing skirts. Or Paris in the 20’s? Hemingway was just paid and is eating oysters with Hadley, washing it down with wine.

I always watch women passing by (I told you about my favourite past time here), wandering where they are going, what’s their life is like, who they love? I check out their leather trousers and bags, making mental notes for my “style it that way” mental scrapbook.

I don’t have a favourite cafe in Paris. I’ve been to the famous ones, which every traveller ought to see but really, I love the little local places dotted around the city. When I need a break I just look for a row of tiny tables and chairs facing the street.  Style lessons come free with an espresso.

Photos were taken in Paris this July by a fabulous @behindtheseventhdoor. Do look him up on Instagram!

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  1. Sunday October 18th, 2015 / 02:53 PM

    Hej Ana! Trafiłam tutaj z uwagi na paryskie zdjęcia i.. chyba się zasiedzę na dłużej:))
    Ola (

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