Didn’t I promise you a good doze of glitz and glamour? Here it is coming at ya like…a well, Paris Fashion Week. Last week Chanel spectacular show marked the end of the month of madness and now everything is back to normal. Well, almost because we still have clothes to discuss, haven’t we?

I told you before that I attended the shows courtesy of Oxford Fashion Studio and promised you photo of clothes I loved and will be wearing next season. There were simply too many to chose from so I decided to show you the designs I fell in love with. But first, let’s go backstage and see what’s happening there…

paris fashion week-1-38

paris fashion week-1-36

paris fashion week-1-35

paris fashion week-1-37

Don’t be fooled, it’s calm before the storm…

paris fashion week-1-41

paris fashion week-1-39

paris fashion week-1-46

paris fashion week-1-45

paris fashion week-1-44

paris fashion week-1-43

See the intricate beading? You’ll soon see one of the stars of the show- a military inspired jacket by Omar Mansoor.

paris fashion week-1-47

Yards of tulle and a doze of drama…

paris fashion week-1-48

paris fashion week-1-49

paris fashion week-1-50

Almost ready…

paris fashion week-1-52

paris fashion week-1-55

paris fashion week-1-57

paris fashion week-1-58

paris fashion week-1-59

paris fashion week-1-62

paris fashion week-1-63

paris fashion week-1-64

paris fashion week-1-65

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paris fashion week-1-67

paris fashion week-1-68

And…ready to go!

paris fashion week-1-69

One of my favourite collection was the one shown by Omar Mansoor. I received press release earlier that week and couldn’t wait to see the clothes. Someone said military? Someone said ivory silk? Someone said Imperial Romance? Where do I sign? Even though the collection was shown as a part of couture show, I can definitely see myself wearing the pieces separately like white beaded military jacket wth leather pants. I’m a big lover of French First Empire and forever fascinated fascinated by the opulence of Imperial Russia and so the collection, a mash up of military inspired pieces, ivory lace and silks was my dream come true.

paris fashion week-1-89

paris fashion week-1-88

paris fashion week-1-87

paris fashion week-1-90

What do you think of Kerber collection? I loved utterly superb cuts and elegance of the pieces. Very Scandi in their simplicity (after all Marielle Kerber is Swedish) those were timeless, easy to wear clothes. She will be my go to girl for beautifully cut clothes which will stay in m closet no matter what direction fashion will take.

paris fashion week-1-10

paris fashion week-1-11

paris fashion week-1-9

paris fashion week-1-12

paris fashion week-1-15

paris fashion week-1-17

Hello modern Daisy Buchanan! I want your dress, all swinging fringes made of leather. It was decadence at its modern best. Suede fringed skirts, leather pants and a beautiful beaded blush dress (I’m afraid the photo here didn’t do its justice) were the the main focus of collection by Bordeleau Zen.Co. I wanted every piece.

paris fashion week-1-74

paris fashion week-1-75

paris fashion week-1-72

paris fashion week-1-71

paris fashion week-1-77

The place to go for best cigarette trousers and structured jackets? Atelier Aman. Check out frilly sleeves on the white dress- they are going to be huge next spring when the bedroom trend takes over the fashion world.

paris fashion week-1-24

paris fashion week-1-27

paris fashion week-1-25

paris fashion week-1-26

paris fashion week-1-23

paris fashion week-1-28

Bav Tailor is a girl to watch for her relaxed yet sophisticated pieces. Her girl is impossibly stylish yet totally effortless. An uptown girl wearing ivory, champagne and oyster hues with “I totally woke up like this” vibe.

paris fashion week-1-32

paris fashion week-1-33

paris fashion week-1-30

paris fashion week-1-31

paris fashion week-1-29

Do you like Gustav Klimt paintings? I do and a collection shown by Bashaques reminded me of his work. A mosaic of colours and textures, I’ll be calling on Bashaques when I’m in need of a stand out, unique yet easy to wear piece.

paris fashion week-1-6

paris fashion week-1-7

paris fashion week-1-2

paris fashion week-1-3

paris fashion week-1-4

paris fashion week-1-5

Dior’s New Look shapes don’t really suit me (those apple shaped of you out there may relate) but I know many of you will enjoy that lady like, nipped in the waist, full skirt silhouette and so may I present Elizabeth Divine’s collection.

paris fashion week-1-108

paris fashion week-1-109

paris fashion week-1-110

Perfectly tailored yet fluid pieces by Karen Gold.

paris fashion week-1-104

paris fashion week-1-105

paris fashion week-1-106

Whimsical echoing of Blumarine girl by Joycard Concept.

paris fashion week-1-98

paris fashion week-1-96

paris fashion week-1-91

And just before I show you the diva of the evening show, here’s an utter perfection of tailored simplicity by Henry Daniel.

paris fashion week-1-20

paris fashion week-1-19

paris fashion week-1-22

Last but not least, here’s the diva of the show. Dramatic, dark and demanding attention, Hellavagirl is your ultimate star. A cross between Victoriana, Miss Havisham and Alexander McQueen dark heroine, she got a standing ovation.  Those intricate, beaded headpieces were stars in their own rights.

paris fashion week-1

paris fashion week-1-118

paris fashion week-1-111

paris fashion week-1-112

paris fashion week-1-113

paris fashion week-1-116

paris fashion week-1-114

paris fashion week-1-115

Special thanks to Oxford Fashion Studio for inviting me to the shows. I hope you enjoyed the photos, girls! What’s your favourite collection?


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    The Photos are incredible!.. The dresses were so gorgeous!..

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