Beach, endless beach, sunshine and warm sea…

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There is a place like that far, far away in south-east Asia where western “civilization” hasn’t caught on yet, where instead of crowds of semi drunk westerners, clubs, and sky reaching towers of glitzy but impersonal hotels there are only two or three bungalow resorts, fishing villages and a wide virgin beach.

This little paradise on Earth is Doc Let Beach, one of the longest and widest in south-east Asia, hidden away near the end of a peninsula in Ninh Hoa province in Central Vietnam, about three hours north of Nha Trang airport.

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The peninsula’s breathtaking landscape literally looks like the ‘Vietnam War’ films.  Driving there I had a surreal sensation of being on the set of the film, ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ as we passed bright green paddy fields, the bent backs of farmers in triangular straw hats, the lush vegetation of the hills and palm trees swishing in the wind. At one point I actually expected American helicopters to appear on the horizon pumping Wagner’s ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ as in Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now”.

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Apart from the beach, the peninsula has a lot more to offer:  mountain hikes, jungle tracking and bike riding through the paddy fields and along the bay, wind surfing and boat sailing.

At Doc Let Beach we stayed at the ‘Some Days of Silence Bungalow Resort & Spa’ – probably the quietest and most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. It’s one of those oases in the world where luxury is mixed with natural effortless elegance, completely in harmony with its natural surroundings in a perpetual state of Zen.

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paradise Doc Let Beach Vietnam (1 of 1)-3The luxury bungalows are hidden among greenery and placed at some distance from each other, creating a sense of being alone, and in truth you barely see anyone at all except during breakfast, when with amazement you realise that there are another twenty people staying in the compound. This impression extends to the staff working in the resort, who are always polite and barely visible but tend to all your needs even before you thought about them – like delivering freshly squeezed strawberry juice to you while you relax in a hammock by the pool…

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Within a few hours of arrival at this magical place you smoothly adjust to the slow rhythm of “beach life,” rising at sunrise and falling sleep just after sunset. You will not even notice as the hustle and stress of modern life falls off your shoulders and you begin to feel rested and relaxed.


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You can stroll alone for hours enjoying the peaceful virgin beach and only from time to time will you meet anyone else. There are more than five kilometres of wild, beautiful beach covered with seashells that no-one picks. On Doc Let Beach with its super soft white sand and warm clean sea, you can completely forget about the world outside, just sip cool coconut water in the shade, from time to time  go and dip your toes in the sea, gorge on delicious seafood and the best exotic fruits you’ve ever had and just chill out…

If you go there you will never want to leave ….

… and you will be back again!

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Ps I’ve tried to capture the magnificence of this place but no photo can do justice to its beauty…



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