Is there anything more effortless than a grey sweatshirt and a pair jeans? It’s a rhetorical question yet for about a year since Trish and I started this site, I struggled with showing you my real style.

It’s not that I styled some outlandish outfits but rather I felt the pressure to show you a new trend in each and every post. But after a year I started posting on Instagram my everyday outfits (I do keep a suit or two in the office :)) and I realised that what most of you related to, was simplicity.




Good cashmere sweater. A pair of well cut jeans. An investment bag.

I’ve always admired Julie’s Sarinana (of Sincerely Jules fame) simple, casual style. I love browsing her shop looking at grey and navy sweatshirts with rolled up sleeves and other, equally effortless prices.  The thing is- I love it because it’s totally up my alley yet I never thought I could show it on the blog. Blogs are for styled outfits, right?

Well, it came to a point when I decided to finally own it. After all, this is what I’ve been wearing on a daily basis so there was no point of having my own style yet showing you something different for the sake of fashion and trends. It felt inauthentic, even to me.

Today I’m wearing biker trousers from men’s department at Zara and a grey sweatshirt from Rotten Roach. I’ve wanted Balmain biker jeans for eternity yet I’m reluctant to spend so much money on denim. I’ve searched the high street for a similar style and found this pair. Women’s version didn’t have zips so I decided to but men’s in XS. The sweatshirt caught my eye because of the drawing on the front, which looks like a World War II aeroplane. I’m also wearing suede grey hight tops from Vans, which unfortunately you cannot see on the photos.

I’m much more confident now about showing you my own style rather then trying to please everyone. It feels effortless and authentic.

What is your style? Do you like casual or classic or maybe high octane glamour?



  1. Prints And Roses
    Thursday November 17th, 2016 / 06:22 AM

    cool look, love the jeans!

    Printspirational and stylish wall art for your home!

  2. Friday November 18th, 2016 / 03:24 PM

    Genialne są te spodnie! Fajnie, że pokazujesz swój codzienny styl, ja na początku blogowania kombinowałam strasznie – wydawało mi się, że muszę pokazać jakieś strasznie odkrywcze zestawy, a teraz publikę to co noszę na co dzień:)

  3. w
    Sunday December 11th, 2016 / 08:25 PM

    Hej, a skąd ta torba? Wygląda bardzo fajnie, jest skórzana? Pozdrawiam

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