Oh yes, its been a year already! As you may have seen in Ana’s post, we are celebrating Champagne Girls About Town’s first birthday. Looking back I’m thinking “my, my, what an year it has been, how much we have learned…”. I’m not into self-congratulation but looking at our first posts and the last – well, you can see for yourself – there is much improvement between now and then.

But improvement in the blog’s visual and written style is not the only thing worthy of mention. This little project literally took over and changed my life. It has opened my eyes and taught me to look carefully at things which before would have just passed me by. I realised that I can get inspiration for a post literally anywhere; all I need to do is just look more carefully…

I learnt to photograph everything and anything I see or do. My friends laugh at me and call me a paparazzi… but it’s a must. You never know when you will need a picture of a good pizza or lovely coffee or a pretty flower stand or a vintage car. I learnt to carry a camera everywhere with me.

1st b-day2

I became more frugal and organised in my wine shopping. Before if I found something new I liked, I kept buying it until I got bored of it. Now I know to plan, to think in advance but also to check first before I just “get a bottle of wine.” I also branched out from my favourite wines, and now I’m on a constant look-out for something new. These days I rarely bring the same bottle home twice, and I’m much more careful with my budget. Working on the blog widened my horizons and broadened my tastes. Throughout this year I have tried so many new things –many of them were somewhere on a list in the back of my mind but I never actually made a point of trying them. Until this last year. Now if there is something new to try I always do. And I love to keep finding my BARGAINTASTIC wines – there is one of those for this week at the bottom.

The same is true of the food I now eat. Since we started the blog I have had the chance to try new foods, explore new restaurants and test new recipes – all on account of blog, of course. Although I have never been squeamish about trying different food, before the blog I usually went somewhere local or near my work and chose mostly well known and tested places. Now I’m exploring, reading reviews, constantly trying new things and it gives me so much fun!

The blog has made me much more disciplined and organised. Day-to-day life without anything in my calendar is over. Now I have to plan any free time I have to write a post, do research, take photos etc., but also I have to have leave some time for my friends and family, not to mention my favourite pastime –reading. In the beginning that was difficult… so becoming systematic and disciplined became a must… I have to say it has done me some good. I’m now much more tidy and organized and this has spread to other areas of my life.

Another benefit I love about having a lifestyle blog is that I get to travel more! To be honest I’m using the Champagne Girls as an excuse to find some extra time to travel. On account of the blog I went to Paris and Amsterdam and Tenerife. Instead of just going to Poland or Lewes for a weekend now I’m checking for flight offers, secret hotel deals, and trying to save some extra cash in order to go somewhere a bit different. I love it!

And the last bit. My wardrobe. For the first time in my life I feel really well dressed. As with everything else it became more organised, tidier and new. No more buying haphazard items on a whim. I have less pieces but better makes and style. Now my clothing is fashionable, of good quality and all the items are mixable with the other stuff I have – Ana is the stickler and censor and most of my clothes are chosen with her approval.



Gavi DOCG 2014 Massimo Marasso £6.50


A Gavi from Tesco! Really nice and easy and simple Gavi, which is perfect for a veggy pasta or roast chicken on a Tuesday night. It’s rather subtle on the nose showing delicate notes of pear and green apple while on the palate it is dry, crisp and refreshing with citrus and a touch of mineral notes.




    • Friday October 16th, 2015 / 11:10 AM

      Thank you for the best wishes for any Bolger!
      Take care

    • Friday October 16th, 2015 / 11:06 AM

      Thank you!

    • Friday October 16th, 2015 / 11:06 AM

      Thank you Heather. We are very happy to hear that you like us. Stay with us for another year and longer!

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