I wake up a few times at night, running through mental lists of things to do. I have them written and pinned all over the office but seriously, what on Earth is one to do at night? Sleeping is for losers, anyway.


The alarm rings at 7:00 but I’ve been awake for the past half an hour anyway, scrolling through my Instagram feed. Facebook bores me to death but Instagram is like getting a whole load of postcards from friends, except these postcards are full of fashion and endless cups of coffee with a foam heart in the middle. Coffee…I jump out of bed and jog to the kitchen to turn the heating on. Despite four degrees and one PhD between us, The French and I did not manage to work out how to put the heating on a timer. We take turns in jumping out of bed in the morning.


I leave the house all smug having had breakfast like a grown up (for once), a cup of coffee and ironed a shirt. Today I’m debuting my new camel coat. I wore it before in Paris but not in formal settings and this morning I’m off to court. Normally, I would load my suitcase with files, a spare pair of shoes, a book, a magazine (because I never know what mood I’m going to be in), make up, perfumes, bottle of water, kitchen sink. Today it’s only a short hearing so I take the file in my Celine bag and leave a kitchen sink at home.








I get on the train, smug again because I managed to catch an earlier one. When I look up we are just getting to Felthem. Oh, good , a few more minutes on Instagram. Next time I look up we are just passed Stains. Oh, ok…hang on, Stains? Stains???? Where is this train going? Because for sure it’s not going to the same place I am!


Turns out I got a wrong train. Instagram, I blame you. We can’t be that far out of London (yeah, I’m out of London by now) because I can see planes in their final descent to Heathrow. Pfff, it’s ok, the waiting list is long. It’ll be fine. I ring my colleague saying there are delays on the line. Of course there are delays. It’s autumn in London, there are wrong sort of leaves on the tracks all the time. Or wrong sort of rain.


I rock up to court, cool as a cucumber because nothing is going to faze me. I open the door and suddenly…oh no, oh no…oh it’s happening! My right heel breaks. And I haven’t got any spare shoes!


I sneak into a courtroom hobbling, pretending I’m still in high heels. Balancing on one foot it’s not too bad- thank you ballet school. When I hobble out, I’m mortified. What if everyone thought I actually left the house like THAT?


Uber to the rescue. I make an emergency landing at Selfridges where I eye up a pair of suede ankle boots from LK Bennet. Not too bad at all- they seem to be inspired by the ones I saw on Kate Moss and coveted them since. I walk out in my new shoes and make a pit stop at the Face Gym. I’d like to look like Kate Moss, please but failing that, I’d like to look like I’ve had a good night sleep.

I’m wearing: 

Camel coat Jadzia Doroba

Shirt Jadzia Doroba 

Leather pants Isabel Marant 

Heels Zara

Bag Celine 

Sunglasses Dior 


  1. Monday November 9th, 2015 / 06:04 PM

    Cieszę się, że trafiłaś na mojego bloga, bo dzięki temu ja trafiłam na Twojego – skarbnica świetnych postów, będę miała lektury na następne dni! Stylizacja jest genialna – nic dodać, nic ująć! Pozdrawiam!

    • Ana
      Monday November 9th, 2015 / 09:21 PM

      Dziekuje Ci ogromnie i ciesze sie, ze tu zajrzalas! 🙂

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