My Parisian adventure continues. The other day we were sitting in a cafe just off rue Saint-Honoré engaging in our favourite past time- people watching. I know- it’s such a cliche but an entertaining one, nevertheless.

Holiday in Paris -1

Holiday in Paris -1-6

Holiday in Paris -1-7

Holiday in Paris -1-5

Holiday in Paris -1-4

Holiday in Paris -1-2

Holiday in Paris -1-9

We were playing “spot the tourist” game. Truth to be told, it wasn’t a difficult one to play because spotting a tourist in Paris is dead easy. Think bermuda shorts, socks with sandals (it’s really happening) and a backpack often worn at the front of the body, probably for an extra protection from pickpocketers. The thing is- nothing screams “I’m a tourist, get me rid of my money” louder than this outfit.

So what do the local girls wear? (I’ll skip the boys for now but I can write a separate post on what Parisian men wear if you’d like). A dress seems to be a shining star of the summer. I haven’t seen the Parisians in the latest trends as much as I’ve seen them in very feminine, simple dresses. Their dresses are often just above the knee, with modest necklines but something about their simplicity and almost austerity (they often wear little or no jewellery) makes it chic rather then prim and proper. And now I know how they wear heels during the day (although I saw them wearing stylish flat sandals, too and very rarely latest gladiator or tasseled, which seems to be the craze on Instagram these days). No sky high stilettos here- mid heels with a strap around the ankle makes it easy to run around all day and even ride a bicycle (yes, really!). The overall effect is so impossibly chic.

My todays look shot in Place Vendôme was inspired by my recent observations. I’m wearing my old LBD which can be dressed up for a night with heels but looks equally great with a pair of chic flat sandals. I paired it with my new Stuat Weitzman shoes- I’m obsessed with them at the moment so expect many more photos starring “my Slide” by Mr Weitzman.

I’m wearing:

LBD- vintage

Heels- Stuart Weitzman

Sunnies- Dior

Bag- Chanel

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